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Oasis Round Water Birth Pool Rental:


  • 30-Day Rental
  • A great size and an even better price!
  • Quality and affordability in one great product.
  • 0.38 mm Phthalate-free vinyl 3-ring air chamber design 60" x 24"One-way air valves. Air walls are 8" wide 3" inflated.Lightly textured top and floor to reduce slips
  • Holds approximately 110 gallons


Compared to Aquarium Pool:

1) Thicker material. 0.38mm

2) No phthalates

3) Three air chambers instead of one - safer

4) Larger air valves for easy inflation

5) Better floor cushioning



Each of our pools is warrantied to arrive to our customers in good condition. Please do not leave pool in cold temperatures as this may cause damage. Read instructions carefully prior to inflating pool. Please review the tips below to ensure a successful pool rental experience:


  • Pools must be warmed to 70 degrees prior to unfolding and inflating to prevent damage. 
  • Allow to warm at room temperature in its vinyl bag for 72 hours prior to inflating.
  • Inflate pool using designated air pumps. Please do not over inflate.
  • After inflating, please check for any defects and if found, please contact Pillow Talk of Birth immediately.


(Please note: Pools are not warrantied for damage caused by misuse, repeart labor & births, or if left inflated for days awaiting for labor to begin. Please deflate pools when not in use).


  • Please contact Pillow Talk of Birth within seven days of inflating your birth pool if any defects are found. 

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