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What is an IVF and Fertility Doula?

A fertility doula supports those who are trying to conceive while delivering the guidance and education to achieve conception in the healthiest way possible. 

How can Pillow Talk of Birth help you on your fertility journey? 

  • We will give continuous emotional support during all phases of your treatment, including office visits and procedures and antenatal support through pregnancy, if desired.

  • We will provide physical and emotional support while coping with any physical challenges that arise from fertility treatments and procedures, including hormone therapy side effects and bed rest during implantation. This may include light meal preparation, tidying up, laundry, and animal care.

  • We will provide evidence-based information as needed. We are also a great source for local referrals if you’re seeking care from an acupuncturist, naturopath, massage therapist, or counselor to complement your fertility care.

  • Antenatal support will include accompaniment to prenatal office visits, assistance with formulating your birth plan and preferences, birth preparation and education on newborn care, light housekeeping and meal preparation, prenatal Pilates, and light stretching exercises.

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