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What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula helps families adjust to life with a newborn. The first three months after birth are often called the “fourth trimester". It’s a period of major transition – the baby is getting used to life outside the womb, while the parents and other family members are figuring out how to integrate and care for this new person in their lives.  A postpartum doula helps ease this transition by providing emotional support, evidence-based information, and an extra set of helping hands

How will  Pillow Talk of Birth support me during postpartum? 

(One postpartum visit   is included in our birth package)

  • (1) Postpartum planning session - A postpartum plan lays out the new mom's preferences for the early weeks and months after your little one arrives.  This plan will include decision-making topics such as: ​​​​

    • parental  leave

    • feeding

    • sleep

    • household chores

    • self-care

  • Emotional Support  - The first few weeks after having a baby can be an emotional rollercoaster, full of both joys and challenges.  We will provide:​ ​

    • understanding ears

    • support

    • resources

    • companionship

    • an extra set of hands

  • Physical Recovery - Pregnancy and birth can take a toll on the body, so it’s important for you to receive nurturing support. We will help you establish a healthy routine that will aid in your physical healing such as:  ​​

    • proper rest

    • proper diet

    • herbs/aromatherapy

    • appropriate activity

  • Lactation support - Nursing your baby is a beautiful, natural thing – and it’s also a skill that can take some practice to figure out. We will   help you address the most common breastfeeding/chestfeeding concerns    such as:                  

    •   nipple care

    • latching concerns

    • low supply/oversupply             

    • engorgement

    • plugged ducts

    • pumping/expressing milk

    • nursing multiples    

  • Infant Care -  Whether you’re a newbie navigating parenthood for the first time, or an experienced parent with multiples to juggle, having a postpartum doula is very handy! 

    • basic newborn care

    • infant development and safety

    • baby care (while you eat, rest, or shower)


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