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Hi my name is Candace. Although I grew up as an only child, I thought it would be an exciting adventure to have a large family.  I am the proud mother of six, 2 boys and 4 girls.  My first delivery was a c-section. I made a decision out of fear, not logic. Once I was past 40 weeks, I had my labor induced. Big mistake!!! My heart rate and the baby's heart rate immediately dropped. So I was rushed into the OR for an emergency c-section. Of course most do not plan for these situations, however I was prepared to fight for what was right for me the next time I entered the delivery room. My next five babies were vaginal deliveries. I have been told I beat the odds.  I did what was instinctual to me. 


Determined to improve my personal childbirth experience with each child, I researched and used every resource I could get my hands on. With each level of development, my drive to make raising a family easier increased. All mothers deserve the proper support and guidance to make their own intelligent decisions before and after it is time to push!  


Every pregnancy and delivery is different. Every postpartum experience is different, and it is my pleasure to help guide and support women along their path. First time mom or a mommy of multiples my goal is to make each individual journey as enjoyable and informed as possible.

Meet the Partners

Hey it's your girl (Yes! to Pronouns) Des, youngest of 8 siblings and only girl. My Labor support Journey (Doula) started many years ago (Ask me about my story!), and has now flourished into a beautiful business passion that recognizes woman/birthing people through all walks of life. As a full spectrum doula, I support families experiencing any and all variations of birth and loss, planned and unplanned. My goal is to assist every family with honesty and unconditional ear. My personalized care is tailored to fit each family’s individual needs, and is centered around the birthers vision of their ideal birth. I provide compassionate, non-judgmental, evidence-based support, and gladly welcome LGBTQIA individuals, and non-traditional family styles and relationships.


I am continuously engaged in ongoing education, to better understand this work and advocate for evidence based care and options.


I am a person who understands the physiology of birth, and also believes that through education and support, guidance, validation, birth can be a journey that is positive, incredible, and successful however that looks to each individual birthing person/family.


Peace everyone! My name is Aiesha. I am the fabulous mother of five fabulous children. Yes, I did this thing five times! I had my first child at 17 and my last at 29. I’ve enjoyed each stage of motherhood, although it has not been easy! I am fascinated by everything that has to do with childbirth, from conception through postpartum and beyond! As a mother of five, I know first hand the type of care and support that is needed during this special time.


Of the five pregnancies that I’ve had, four of them were with no pain meds. During my first pregnancy though, I was induced due to having preeclampsia and high blood pressure. I was in labor for almost two days. I remember being super groggy and incoherent from the drugs. I ended up needing help delivering my son using a vacuum. The entire experience was scary. I didn’t feel like I was giving birth, it felt like birth was happening to me. Meaning, I wasn’t completely aware of what was happening to me. I didn’t know my body well enough to know that it was fully capable of giving birth, uninterrupted. I didn’t know that with the proper diet and exercise could decrease my chances of preeclampsia. There were so many things that I didn’t know. Eventually, I forgave myself for not knowing, but became determined to know more the next go around. 


All of my subsequent births were delivered by a midwife. I had a birth plan in place for each, and for the most part, it was followed. By then I knew what to expect, and had done enough research to help myself have better birth outcomes. The next four deliveries were a breeze. I was so proud of myself. I knew what I wanted and what my body could do. 


After my third and fourth pregnancies, I had the blessing of having my mother come and care for me and my family during my fourth trimester. Little did I know, I was experiencing a postpartum doula without even knowing it! When I tell you that I did nothing but bond with my baby, that’s all I did. My mom/doula cooked, cleaned, cared for my other children, did laundry, grocery shopping, and everything that it took to run my house. I was pampered and cared for for a job well done (having a baby). I remember being so happy and at peace. I was catered to and loved for a full three weeks. It was absolutely amazing! 


My gift to the birth space is my calming, nurturing energy. Birth is a sacred event, and should be treated as such. With the proper education, advocacy, and care, my goal is for each birther to have a positive birthing and postpartum experience. 

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