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Childbirth Education

At Pillow Talk of Birth, we believe that receiving the proper childbirth education will equip you for the beautiful journey ahead.  Our childbirth education classes include, but are not limited to  the following topics:

  • What to expect throughout the phases and stages of labor
  • How your body works and the many variations of normal
  • How to stay flexible and open to whatever your birth story will be
  • Coping techniques, relaxation methods, and body intuition. Nutrition/exercise, and physical ways to encourage optimal baby position
  • Medical interventions (benefits and risks) and where to find evidence-based information
  • Writing a Birth Plan
  • 4th Trimester Planning
  • Supportive birth partner techniques
  • Examining hopes and fears leads to peace and confidence
  • Assembling your birth team 
  • Life after Labor. Emotional and physical needs of the mother, father, and baby
  • How birth affects the breastfeeding relationship
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