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Pregnant Woman
Image by Alexander Grey
Pregnancy Photoshoot
Pillow Talk of Birth supports  families through Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth,  and Postpartum

We believe that it is imperative that you begin your pregnancy with proper childbirth education. Learn about all of the miraculous things that your body can do in preparation for your baby's arrival. 

Childbirth classes help build your confidence in your body's ability to give birth. In this evidence-based series, we embrace the fact that birth usually works best undisturbed. Whether hospital, birth center, or at home, birth usually isn't a medical event. Sometimes medical help is needed or desired. In this case, You (the person giving birth) will be the ultimate decision-maker. The ultimate goal is to help the Woman/Birthing Person have the type of birth that is desired. 

As doulas, we are professionally trained, non-medical, labor support assistants. We provide expert guidance and nurturing reinforcement throughout the entire birth process. Doulas provide emotional and physical support backed by evidence-based information. 

Postpartum doula services help families adjust to life with a newborn. We help ease this transition by providing emotional support and an extra set of helping hands. Whether it's your first baby or the 100th, a village is necessary to help with the adjustment period. There are three of us, so be prepared to be loved and valued!

We Love seeing Families step into their power! 

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